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At Extreme Mustangs Charlotte, we can take your car from Mild to Wild.  We turn your vision into a reality without all of the sales tactics.  We take our knowledge and experience and give recommendations to keep costs low and your car running optimally.


We have been selling speed in the form of parts and labor for over 10 years at Extreme Mustangs Charlotte. This means that ten years and hundreds of cars later, we know what combinations work that are more effective and efficient without the need to upsell you for parts that do not really make a difference.


Extreme Mustangs Charlotte is not another "Bolt-on parts only/Mail Order Tune" shop. We believe that to achieve the ride, sound and/or speed you desire for your car, custom builds are more personalized for your needs and wants. 

Extreme Mustangs Charlotte
Extreme Mustangs Charlotte
Extreme Mustangs Charlotte
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