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Extreme Mustangs

Scott Derickson, the sole owner of Extreme Mustangs, has more than 26 personal years of experience under the hood of old and new Mustangs. He has serviced Mustangs in the Charlotte, NC (and surrounding areas) for over 12 years!  Extreme Mustangs is BBB accredited with an A+ rating and takes pride in this reputation.


Extreme Mustangs History:  The death of Scott's father in 1997 inspired him to follow his passion for building Mustangs.  Prior to opening the shop’s doors in January 2004, he was struggling to maintain his day job while keeping up with the increasing damand for building Mustangs. Finding the demand for his services was becoming overwhelming, he took a leap of faith opened the shop on January 4, 2004...the rest, as they say, is history! 


Over twelve years later, Scott has built a foundation of knowledge and experience from over 26+ years of custom engine builds, enhancing mods and performance installations of Mustangs from all generations.  His experience can be seen in the creative combinations and innovative solutions for customers who have built their “pride and joy” with Extreme Mustangs.  Lastly, his old school mannerisms keeps the business strategy simple: "Keep the customers happy and they will come back".  All cars are stored inside when kept overnight and washed prior to pick up; this is just his way of saying, "Thank You"!



Mission Statement: Extreme Mustangs strives to make a difference in a person’s life by providing custom engine builds, installations, service(s), parts, performance upgrades and repairs on your Mustang by utilization of unsurpassed knowledge and experience in conjunction with listening to the customer.  Excellence is derived from the care and awareness we provide the customer and their car. We leave the heavy "sales pressure" tactics elsewhere and focus what our customers want: performance, value and a lasting grim each time they start up their car.


Values: We stand by our work: The car will perform as intended by the service(s) provided by Extreme Mustangs/paid for by the customer. Having knowledge is one thing, but having the experience of successes and failures are what set Extreme Mustangs apart. 


Due Diligence: Due diligence is a term that describes the attention to facts and details when entering into a transaction, diagnosing a car, or finding the best fit engine combination for your wants and needs.  Paying attention to facts and key details are the key to finding the right combination of performance elements that will work for you and your budget. 



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